Sewing a Stuffed Kitty from Etsy

One of my first sewing projects was a stuffed kitten that I found at an Etsy shop, CreateJoyMakeStuff. (Click on the name to direct you to the shop and the kitten plans). I picked this plan out of the other sewing plans on Etsy because I liked it’s simple “Engineering Plans” (and was at a great price point). Each step of the plan is accompanied by a picture to give you an idea of what it should look like each step of the way. It’s hard to mess up with that. It holds your hand throughout the project.

Pick out some soft fabric of your choice and a bag of filler to stuff the pet. I picked out a purple polka dots flannel (super cuddly), a grey minky for the inner ears and a cotton simple pattern for the belly. The learning curve is very short and everything you need to know are in those detailed directions!

FullSizeRender (1)

This project is a great beginner project and takes an afternoon to finish!


Side note…I add a small cotton ball of lavender oil and included it with the kitty’s stuffing….just to give a calm, pretty scent.

These days, you can teach yourself to do anything on Pinterest and Youtube. Don’t know how to sew? There are millions of tutorials on Youtube to teach you how. You could have a wealth of knowledge in the sewing world  or  you can have zip, nada, zero… you can find a tutorial to suit your experience level.

If you are a new at sewing or if you are experienced, this will be a cute little gift that any girl would enjoy!

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How to get pallets for FREE!

Rule #1….do not purchase pallets. Most companies view pallets as trash and scrap. The wood is poor quality but there is endless possibilities of using/chopping up these bad boys to make them beautiful. Recycle, Recycle! Create, Create!

Where to look? Local Lumber yards and other local small businesses. Many businesses use them to deliver and transfer goods. Local Constructions sites are good places too. It never hurts to call or stop by the business to check if they are willing to let YOU haul off the scrap for them. Everyone wins.

One of my favorite places to get free pallets is the local lumber/hardware store, Hall Brother’s Lumber,

You never know unless you just ask!


Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog



How to Make a Wooden Sign with Stencils

Processed with Rookie Cam

Making a stenciled wood sign is one of my favorite crafts. It’s a great way to decorate a space or to give as a gift. I have a Cricut Machine which allows me to create and upload my own images but stencils can also be purchased through many retail stores, such as Michael, Joann’s, Wal-Mart,, etc. I will show you how easy it is to make!!

What you need:

  • wood board (this is cheapy wood from Lowe’s. Pallet wood is another great option)
  • Stencil
  • Paint or stain for the wood board, option if you want to leave the wood as is
  • Acrylic paint for the stencil (I used the cheapy stuff from Wal-Mart)
  • paint brush and sponge/small precision brush

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Paint or stain the board and sand any rough edges for a clean, fresh look.

After the paint or stain is dry,  lay the stencil flat on the board. When using a cricut vinyl stencil, the stencil is sticky and clings to the board to lessen the chance of the paint bleeding or the stencil moving. If you are using a store bought plastic stencil, tape the stencil to the board so it doesn’t move on you.

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Use a brush or small precision brush to dab with a thin layer acrylic paint (lots of color choices out there and in small, cheap bottles).

Processed with Rookie Cam

After drying, remove the stencil and you are done!!!

Processed with Rookie Cam


Option, add brad nails or backs of the wood if you want to hang the sign. Another option, seal with a thin layer of a polyurethane if it will be for outside use.

Contact me if you are needing specific stencils. I can upload and/or create mine with my Cricut Machine with ease!


Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog

Wreath/Weclome Post

One of my favorite recent projects has been a wreath post that I turned into a welcome post. I was inspired to do this project from what I saw at a  BIG local craft fair. This is a fairly simple project (majority of the materials bought at Lowe’s) and cost a grand total of $15-$20.

I bought a wooden porch post from Lowe’s for around $10. The post was fairly long but I trimmed off the bottom to the make it into a height of my liking.  No measuring but just eye balled. Next is the base of the post…I did this twice because my first base was too small and the post would have blown over or easily knocked over. CRASH! The correct measurement of the top part of base is a 6 in square and the bottom part of base is 10 in square.

After attaching the base with 4 in nails and screw driver (and I always add some wood glue for extra strength), it’s time to spray paint! I used a high gloss black for this one and gave it a couple of coats. Once dried, I attached a small hook from Lowe’s with two small nails and a screw driver.

Now to add the sign or wreath.. I have both on in this pic.Top Black post

I used a rectangle chalk board sign with a burlap string from Wal-Mart.  I spray painted it with white so it will be a bright contrast against the black of the post. Next is my favorite part….I made a vinyl stencil of the “Welcome” text with my Cricut machine (one of my most favorite items I own). After painting “Welcome” with black acrylic paint, I applied a coat of a clear sealer to give this sign a little protection since it will be outside. I super glued a little bedazzle with some left over metal flowers found on (always keep your left over crafting scraps…never know when they will be handy!). My mother in law also added a cute little wreath around it which I think it gives an even more character/cuteness.

This is a fun craft to try. It’s easy, cheap and fairly quick. Letting the spray paint dry and cutting the base was the longest part. I really encourage a beginner and moderate to do this! You can really do it!

Till we meet again,

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Black Post





Dark Wax on Furniture

For Christmas, I was gifted an old vanity (as requested) to paint and keep as my own. I received it in November but it has been a slow work in process and I am determined to finish it. Today’s post is just a snippet of the work that goes into painting and finishing the furniture. (The full tutorial will be revealed as soon as the project is complete….promise!)

To catch you up to speed, I have already sanded and stained the top of the vanity and have painted the remaining with a white chalk paint (used an off brand from Michael’s). There is so much detail in the piece but isn’t prominent when it’s painted with solid color.

no wax

Solution to keep the vanity white but highlight the detail??? Dark wax. I used Annie Sloan dark wax…this brand is the cream of the crop of chalk paints and waxes (more expensive but goes a long mile!). After painting with the chalk paint, apply a coat the clear wax all over. If you don’t, the wood will just soak up the dark wax and will look uneven and/or streaky. For this project, I am only apply a little dark wax because I want a white piece but highlight of the decorative accents. A person can apply dark wax all over or none at all. This is a personal call.

Click on the link “Using Dark Wax Video” to watch a short clip showing how I did dark wax process for this project. Using Dark Wax Video

Sorry for the shaky video….but brush wax on and wipe wax off. Simple but gives so much more dimension. Below is a pic of wax applied to the left side and none on the right side.

Partial wax

It’s coming along…it’s in need for additional touch ups of paint and finish/attach the mirror before I can call it a complete project. Here is a before pic and a work in process pic. Amazing!

Keep posted for more!

Till we meet again,

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Welcome to my blog, Annie’s Bug! I wanted to create a space to show how easy it is to create and craft for beginners and/or helpful tips for those with more experience. This will be a new chapter  and hope to encourage others with their creative side (yes, everyone has some degree of craftiness). I want to try new items seen on other blogs and Pinterest…is it easy as they say? is it worth trying again? I can’t wait to see what will be created and your comments! Let’s get blogging!

Be You tiful