Materials for Stenciling

One of my favorite things to do in my crafting projects is stenciling. With a Cricut machine, I have the flexibility to create almost anything…But I still had difficulty if the stencil was made out of paper or plastic material. The stencil would always move or shift or the paint would bleed. My projects would be ruined or just look “off”/wrong.

I started to cut out stencils using an indoor vinyl material. The outcome and the ease of the project was a game changer. The stencil placement is easier, the stencil doesn’t move and the stencil creates clean lines with no paint bleeding.

An indoor vinyl is slightly more expensive then regular paper but it is always easy to find good deals on Amazon. I would rather spend a little more to have to the project look good then skimp on materials for a project that doesn’t look right.


Stencil Project

Till we meet again,

Anne at Annie’s Bug Blog



DIY Mason Jar Sign

I tell you…. I am ready for Spring. March is here and Mother Nature keeps giving us small glimpses of Spring only to take it away from us. Grrrrrrrr.

When dreaming of Spring, I see vibrant flowers and mason jars filled my mommy lemonade. This is the inspiration for my sign and my hope that Spring is near.

To make this sign, I used:

  • Common wood
  • Brad nails
  • Stain
  • Cricut machine (Don’t have a craft machine, I can help. Visit my etsy store**)
  • Indoor Vinyl
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glue Gun
  • Fake flowers from a dollar store

I used common wood for a lot of my projects. It’s cheap, light and easy to cut. I cut three 3.5 in x 12 in boards and nailed them together using a scrap piece along the back side of the sign.

IMG_2736 (2)


I stained the board using General Finishes Java gel stain (seriously the best stain on the market. Super easy to use and dries quickly. I don’t get paid to say it either! ha!). Rub the stain in and let it dry.

Next, I cut a mason jar silhouette using my Cricut machine (my most favorite crafting item…Not paid to say that either!) with an indoor vinyl. I use an acrylic white paint on the mason jar stencil. After I let the paint dry,the jar looked incomplete to me so I decided to add text inside of the jar. A simple “Home Sweet Home” is always a welcome/popular sight!


After letting the paint dry, I used the hot glue to place some flowers to the top of the jar. Any color will do. Just a splash of spring flowers to create texture to the sign and give it a POP!

FullSizeRender (2)

This sign is already being sent off to a home but need to make at least one more for myself. It turned out so sweet and springy!

**I did update my Etsy shop for this stencil and much more. Custom orders are welcome. Click on link.

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Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog




Pallet Sign

Oh Pallet, How I love thee so. I love seeing pallet projects on Facebook and Pinterest. A girlfriend contact me and asked if I could make a pallet sign……AND I jumped right on it. I couldn’t find a pallet that was the exact right size and length but just only meant I had to get a little creative!

Below is a picture of the pallet mid-way through the process (excuse the toy army guys scattered on the floor…’s just how we roll in our house).

Half way palletI used my cricut machine  to cut out the simple font letters/saying with vinyl material. When stenciling, I like to use a vinyl material because it is sticky and doesn’t move around on me. I used a classic white chalk paint for the letters and used a bright blue acrylic paint for the heart.

I cut off the top two rows of the pallet to make it the desired size and not so long. Then, I made 3 cuts in between the vertical posts. I inserted leftover/scrap common wood to create the shelving (ALWAYS KEEP SCRAPS..never know when you can use it again). I nailed the shelving down with nail brads.

It’s simple project that took very little time but makes a big statement!


finished palletTill we meet again,

Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog