Materials for Stenciling

One of my favorite things to do in my crafting projects is stenciling. With a Cricut machine, I have the flexibility to create almost anything…But I still had difficulty if the┬ástencil was made out of paper or plastic material. The stencil would always move or shift or the paint would bleed. My projects would be ruined or just look “off”/wrong.

I started to cut out stencils using an indoor vinyl material. The outcome and the ease of the project was a game changer. The stencil placement is easier, the stencil doesn’t move and the stencil creates clean lines with no paint bleeding.

An indoor vinyl is slightly more expensive then regular paper but it is always easy to find good deals on Amazon. I would rather spend a little more to have to the project look good then skimp on materials for a project that doesn’t look right.


Stencil Project

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