DIY Bunny Wreath

Easter time is coming up and I have two little ones who enjoy this holiday. I always enjoy setting up little holiday items around the house and Easter is no exception. This is a how-to for a super easy Easter Project…..a Bunny Wreath. This is quick and a super low cost project.

What you need:

  • 3 – 8 in. grape vine wreath (many dollar stores have them)
  • 1 – 12 in. grape vine wreath (many dollar stores have them)
  • Floral wire (had some from Michael’s)
  • flowers, optional (got mine from a dollar store)
  • wire cutter

First, I simply bent two of the 8 in. wreaths. It breaks apart pretty easily when you fold it by hand and not much effort is required.


I wrapped floral wire around the broken two pieces to create an ear. Do this step again to create 2 ears. Attach the ears to the last remaining 8 in wreath to make a head with two ears. Attach the head to the large 12 in. wreath.  (If I had brown spray paint on hand, I would spray paint the floral wire to hide the green. Just a suggestion)



I added a couple of flowers and hung it by a ribbon. Done! I told you… Cute and Simple!

Bunny Wreath

Till we meet again,

Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog



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