Pallet Sign

Oh Pallet, How I love thee so. I love seeing pallet projects on Facebook and Pinterest. A girlfriend contact me and asked if I could make a pallet sign……AND I jumped right on it. I couldn’t find a pallet that was the exact right size and length but just only meant I had to get a little creative!

Below is a picture of the pallet mid-way through the process (excuse the toy army guys scattered on the floor…’s just how we roll in our house).

Half way palletI used my cricut machine  to cut out the simple font letters/saying with vinyl material. When stenciling, I like to use a vinyl material because it is sticky and doesn’t move around on me. I used a classic white chalk paint for the letters and used a bright blue acrylic paint for the heart.

I cut off the top two rows of the pallet to make it the desired size and not so long. Then, I made 3 cuts in between the vertical posts. I inserted leftover/scrap common wood to create the shelving (ALWAYS KEEP SCRAPS..never know when you can use it again). I nailed the shelving down with nail brads.

It’s simple project that took very little time but makes a big statement!


finished palletTill we meet again,

Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog


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