Sewing a Minky Blanket

When making a blanket, my favorite material to use, hands down, is Minky. It’s soft and velvety, but it’s not the easiest material to handle when sewing. But you can do it if you try….just need a little patience.

What you need:

  • 2 yards of minky material and 2 yards of any material (another minky, cotton, flannel, etc.)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins…..lots of pins
  • Patience

I picked a grey minky material and a simple cotton. Lay the right side of the material facing each other. (FYI….I went to a local business for the embroidered monogram on the cotton material. This is purely option, but perfect when making a personalized gift.)

IMG_2614Once the material is lined up, next is to pin, pin, pin, pin, pin and lots more pinning. The minky material likes to move and slip out of alignment. I pin everywhere (even in the middle on the blanket) to keep it straight. This process can be tedious but will be worth it when it you are sewing the blanket.


Time to sew! I used my standard needle and all purpose thread. Sew all around with an 1/2 inch seam and leave a small opening…..roughly 2-3 inch. Remove all the pins and I double check to ensure no pins are left behind. Inside out the blanket through the small opening and push open the seams at each corner. Hand stitch the small opening closed. Done!!

IMG_2616Till we meet again,

Anne of Annie’s Bug Blog


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