Paint and Stain Furniture

I love, love to paint. I am definitely not a artist by any mean but I can follow lines  and use painter’s tape. For Christmas, my mother bought me a old vanity from Craigslist that I have been dying to get my hands on. I wanted to put the piece in my Master Bedroom. The painting and staining may be a process but it is easy steps to get to a completed project.

First, take off the hardware and wipe the whole piece clean. I wanted to stain the top part dark so I used General Finishes Gel Stain in Java. (This is my absolute favorite stain because of it’s color and easy use. I definitely recommend this stain.) Java Gel

Use a sander to sand off the existing finish and expose the natural wood so the stain soaks up nicely but wipe down the piece again to clean off the debris from sanding (there is usually lots of dust). Stain the piece with as many coats of stain to get to the desired color you are looking for.

After staining, apply painter’s tape to protect the stained sections and start painting with chalk paint. With chalk paint, you will not need to prep/sand the area. Chalk paint is great way to paint wood without all the extra time for prep work. After the couple coats of  chalk paint has dried, apply a coat of clear wax and wipe off with a rag. I wanted to highlight the decorative pieces so I then lightly applied a dark wax on top of the clear wax to bring attention to the detail.

Partial wax

With sanding and wait time for paint, the piece takes longer then the day but each step is relatively simple. Have an old furniture piece or don’t like the look of a piece, try painting with chalk paint. There are many chalk brands and even more color options. Give it a try…you may amaze yourself. Happy Painting!

COmpleted vanity

Till we meet again,

Anne from Annie’s Bug Blog


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