Dark Wax on Furniture

For Christmas, I was gifted an old vanity (as requested) to paint and keep as my own. I received it in November but it has been a slow work in process and I am determined to finish it. Today’s post is just a snippet of the work that goes into painting and finishing the furniture. (The full tutorial will be revealed as soon as the project is complete….promise!)

To catch you up to speed, I have already sanded and stained the top of the vanity and have painted the remaining with a white chalk paint (used an off brand from Michael’s). There is so much detail in the piece but isn’t prominent when it’s painted with solid color.

no wax

Solution to keep the vanity white but highlight the detail??? Dark wax. I used Annie Sloan dark wax…this brand is the cream of the crop of chalk paints and waxes (more expensive but goes a long mile!). After painting with the chalk paint, apply a coat the clear wax all over. If you don’t, the wood will just soak up the dark wax and will look uneven and/or streaky. For this project, I am only apply a little dark wax because I want a white piece but highlight of the decorative accents. A person can apply dark wax all over or none at all. This is a personal call.

Click on the link “Using Dark Wax Video” to watch a short clip showing how I did dark wax process for this project. Using Dark Wax Video

Sorry for the shaky video….but brush wax on and wipe wax off. Simple but gives so much more dimension. Below is a pic of wax applied to the left side and none on the right side.

Partial wax

It’s coming along…it’s in need for additional touch ups of paint and finish/attach the mirror before I can call it a complete project. Here is a before pic and a work in process pic. Amazing!

Keep posted for more!

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